In The Wind, Creative Video Production

In The Wind (Cuando El Viento), an ambitious, creative video production and post production project by Manuel Collado a hairdresser from the MacoMaco Group in Valencia Spain. This is the promo version (trailer), the full video is 20 minutes in duration. This video production has done incredibly well on the short film festival circuit, including as a semi finalist in the Elche International Film Festival, where it was a semi finalist. I was in charge of all the camera work, as well as the editing (post production) and output. A big budget video production that took around a month to film, it was shot in film studios in Valencia and on location in Moraira, a picturesque cove on the Mediterranean. This video production proved very successful for the client and opened many doors for him in the world of hairdressing and beauty. He currently represents a big name in the hairdressing industry and is flown around the world to promote their product.