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Town Garage Promotional Video

A budget corporate promotional video service for Town Garage in Leeds. A text style (typography) effect was added in post production. The video was produced and filmed in little over a day, basically what was needed was a quick overview of the premises, the reception and the garage space. I shot 2 variations that were […]
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In The Wind, Creative Video Production

In The Wind (Cuando El Viento), an ambitious, creative video production and post production project by Manuel Collado a hairdresser from the MacoMaco Group in Valencia Spain. This video production has done incredibly well on the short film festival circuit, including as a semi finalist in the Elche International Film Festival. I was in charge of […]
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Victoria Maldi

A music video production and edit for a Mallorcan TV presenter Victoria Maldi, performing  PAÍS PETIT, a song from her new album “PARAULES D’AMOR”. All video producers will at some point cut their teeth doing a “music video production” it is almost a rite of passage in our industry. Music videos are a great learning tool, as […]
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Rock And Roll

A stylish look at hairdressing. The client cut the models hair in 3 stages, culminating in a super short cut. The brief was to get out of the salon, find interesting spaces and highlight the love he has for his profession. Music “Rocket” by The Jesus and Marychain. This video was produced after the success […]
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Joshua Ellis

It was an absolute pleasure working with the team at Joshua Ellis on a video production. They are a world famous bespoke manufacturer of cashmere in Yorkshire UK. I had complete creative freedom during production, filming and in post production. The history of Joshua Ellis, made it really clear to me from the start how […]
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Gran H Hotel – 6 Dimension Projects

A corporate video production and post production service for a bespoke construction and design company specialising in niche projects. This was a complete renovation of a hotel. The client briefed my by showing me a few “architectural” promotional videos done by leading architects. The challenge in this video production was the limited space, as this […]
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